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Do you need a different day to process your Sunday Basket® or wish you could see and chat with others on screen while you work away?

Prime Organizing's Huddle Room is an intimate group setting to process your Sunday Basket® with a Certified Organizer who can answer your questions and keep you on task. 

Think of it as a collaboration hot zone, a brainstorm session, a Q&A session -or all the above! You can come for the entire session or jump in for just a bit. You'll get some concentrated effort and a cheering section for your progress.

The Huddle Room is a $40.00 per month for membership or $15.00 per session.

Schedule: Thursdays 8:00-9:30 PM Eastern

Keyboard and Mouse
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"Tanya Blackburn and The Huddle Room have been lifesavers in my quest to organize my papers and files. When I started, I hadn't kept up with my Sunday Basket organization. I was knee-deep in papers and paralyzed by not knowing where to start or how to get back to my Sunday Basket routine and organization. In her welcoming, non-judgmental, constantly positive way, Tanya helped me understand that I was not alone. She has been ceaselessly encouraging, cheering on me and our whole group. She prompts us to focus on our "wins" and urges us to make a weekly plan to tackle upcoming week(s) and any challenges that may arise. Our monthly deep dives into each 2.0 folder color motivate me to keep my files from becoming overwhelming again. I have even finally begun to take on tasks I have been avoiding for years. I try NEVER to miss our sessions. I look forward to the camaraderie and accountability I have found in The Huddle Room. In fact, I need them."    

- Susan C.

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