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What is a Friday Workbox? 



There are two Friday Workboxes:

Imagine starting your Monday morning with a clear roadmap of your week's goals and tasks.

Picture your clients and colleagues fully aware of your requirements at the week's outset, with your tasks taking priority on their to-do lists. You can achieve all this and more...

Once you've experienced the transformative impact of a Sunday Basket on managing your home, you'll be eager to explore how a similar system can enhance your business. The concept behind the Friday Workbox is to allocate Friday afternoons for planning and organizing the upcoming week.

Acquire a Friday Workbox, and we'll assist you in tailoring it precisely to your workflow, making it uniquely yours! Reach out to us for further details.

If you already purchased a Friday Workbox and seek further guidance, please click here to schedule a session. 

Join us for our upcoming Business Friday Workbox Planning Retreat! I'll be your host as we transform your myriad possibilities into tangible goals for the upcoming quarter.

Education Workbox Planning!

I invite you to an Education Planning Retreat so you can implement all of the ideas you gained from the first semester and reset your box for 2024

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Friday Workbox

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