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All About Binders

In the lifecycle of paper, binders are where we keep our reference papers. Once you have sorted all of your papers into macro-categories (typically at a retreat) you are ready to make your binders. These binders will be your go-to for everything from meal planning and home maintenance to managing any medical diagnosis for you or one of your family members. These binders save you time and money. If you haven't attended one of our retreats yet you can do that here. To purchase any of the binders below email me at

Financial Binder 

  • Family information 

  • Vital Documents & Contacts 

  • Advisor Contact Information

  • Insurance Policy Information

  • Financial Inventory 

  • Debts and Loans 

  • Credit Card Inventory

  • Bill Payment Records 

  • Gift Cards & Travel Rewards 

  • Retirement Benefits 

  • Household & Safe Deposit Box Inventory 

Medical Binder

  • Medical and Health History

  • Family Medical History 

  • Doctor Information

  • Trackers: Diagnosis, Allergy, Medication, Doctor Appointments

  • Lab Results 

  • Hospitalization and Surgery History 

  • Milestones Checklist 

  • Immunization Records

Warrior Mama Binder

The Warrior Mama IEP Binder is the way to keep your child’s disability and IEP/504 paperwork organized. It includes categories for:

  • Diagnosis

  • Educational accommodations, goals, and evaluation

  • Your child’s support team

  • Finances


Household Operations 

  • Family Information (pets too!)

  • Emergency

  • Important Dates

  • Meal Planning, MasterGrocery List, Favorite Meals, & Take Out Food Directory

  • Maintenance &  Cleaning

  • Service Providers and Contractor

  • Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

  • Home Improvement

  • Holiday/Event Planning 

Household Reference Binder

  • Frequently Used Service Providers & Contractors 

  • Home Purchase & Improvements ​​​

  • Home Appliances 

  • Electronics 

  • Home Decor and Furniture

  • Exterior and Landscape

School Memories Binder

  •  A step-by-step information sheet to help you make those tough decisions on what to keep, where and how to store it, and tips on how to make the binder work for you

  • Date Reference Sheet

  • Section by each grade (to grade 6)

  • Resource guide

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