At Prime Organizing we strive to help you get your paper piles under control and get back time in your schedule to do what you really want to do. And we know that isn't constantly looking for misplaced items!

We can help you implement systems that will cull the clutter and show you how to maintain them to be more productive in less time. One of the tools that we have found to make a huge difference is Organize 365's Sunday Basket®.

The Sunday Basket® will:

  • Collect incoming paperwork

  • Hold everything until you have time to process each item

  • Help you to plan your week for maximum efficiency

  • Keep your papers at your fingertips so you can take action on them

  • Teach you the skills of organization for paper

To learn more about the Sunday Basket and other products visit Organize 365.

To purchase a Sunday Basket® and receive a FREE workshop please send me an email at primeorganizing@gmail.com.

Writing by the Water

Brandi ~ Sunday Basket Workshop Attendee

I love it because our mail is in one spot not all over the house.

I feel so much more organized. My husband likes it too.