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What if you could start your Monday morning knowing exactly what you were going to accomplish that week? What if your clients and coworkers knew exactly what you needed from them at the start of the week and your tasks were on top of their to-do list? You can do that and so much more...


Once you've seen the difference a Sunday Basket makes in running your home you'll want to see how a similar system might work for your business. The Friday Workbox is based on the idea of dedicating time on Friday afternoons to plan and organize the week ahead. 

Purchase a Friday Workbox through Prime Organizing and we can help you customize it specifically for your workflow, totally tailored to you! Contact us for more details.




If you already have a Friday Workbox and would like more guidance see our offerings here: 


There are three Friday Workboxes available, including a box for:

  1. Business

  2. Home School

  3. Teacher

**If you aren't sure which workbox would be best for you please schedule a free phone consultation**

Are you signed up for Organize 365's Friday Workbox Planning Day on Decomber 3rd? 

I'll be hosting a workbox planning retreat on December 5th so we can hash out all your possibilities into concrete goals for the next quarter.

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